Frequently Asked Questions - CLASSROOM


How do I register for the Classroom Sessions?

Registration for Classroom is online here (link below or on home page).  Please enter the students name on the registration form, and any email or phone number that will be good for us to contact you concerning the appointments.

No payments are accepted online.

Classroom registration may be cancelled at any time without penalty. We appreciate if you can email us at if you need to cancel.

Classroom sessions will be cancelled if the enrollment is too small.  Also, in the busier months, classroom sessions will fill, and we are not able to make exceptions.  We fill up to 40 spots at times, and that is a lot of students to handle, as well as to find seats and table space for!  Please plan ahead if you want to take summer classes! Once the class is full, it will not show on the Register Online page. If you see the class, register and receive a confirmation, you have a spot.

What if I can't make a classroom session?

If you have to miss a lesson of your classroom session, it is ok! Please remember what day it was (for example, day 5) so that you can make up that same lesson in a future session.  You do not need to let us know that you are coming, but feel free to email us at to confirm that you are coming to the correct day.  You also do not have to let us know you are going to miss, but feel free to email to let us know about that if you want.

Why does it say 3 hours of classroom for $150 when I register?

No, we do not charge $150 for 3 hours of classroom!  The website can only recognize a class time of up to 24 hours, so we chose to list it as 3 hours since each class is 3 hours.  Rest assured, your $150 will pay for the entire session of 30 hours of classroom training.

FAQ - CLASSROOM - continued


What do I need to bring?

 For Classroom - bring payment of $150 cash or check made to Northland Driving School and the completed contract which can be found on the home page.  All materials will be provided, and you will be able to keep your manual for studying purposes. 

How old do I have to be to start training?

 Students can take classroom at any age, but you will not be able to test for your permit until you are 15. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Behind the Wheel Lessons


How do I register for Behind the Wheel Lessons?


Please email us at to schedule behind the wheel lessons.

If you need to cancel a behind the wheel lesson that has been confirmed, please email us at at least 24 hours before the lesson in order to avoid a cancellation fee. $50 unless otherwise noted.


The homepage has a lot of information on Behind the Wheel Lessons, and how to plan for them. Please read that carefully. We cannot guarantee to fit you in at the last minute! You have at least six months to get three lessons in, if you wait until the last month to start, you will likely not get them done, even if it's your birthday and you have a test booked.


No payments are accepted online. If you prepaid for the Behind the Wheel Lessons, the website does not know that, and will show "not paid" on your confirmation. Do not worry! We keep records of all payments. Everyone's confirmation will read "not paid", because we don't accept online payments.

My confirmation says I have not paid when I have


The website confirmations are only showing what is paid online, and we do not accept online payments! Therefore, everyone's confirmation will state that they are not paid. We keep track of all payments, and we know who has prepaid for lessons.

How do I cancel a Behind the Wheel Lesson?


In order to cancel a Behind the Wheel Lesson and avoid paying a penalty, you must EMAIL at least 24 hours before the lesson was scheduled to begin. Any cancellation before the 24 hours can be done with no penalty. We will do our best to reschedule you, but we cannot guarantee you will be rescheduled within a week of the original appointment.

If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your lesson, please email us at as well, however, please know that you will be charged for the cancellation.  It will help if we receive the email before we are at your appointment, so that we can at least try to fill the spot. Some people are able to fill a spot last minute, so if that is the case, you would not be charged.  

Either way, the best way to inform us that you are not able to make a lesson is to send an email.

Is there a waiting list for cancellations?

The short answer is no, however, sometimes there are exceptions and if you feel you are one of those, please email us to discuss.  Please know, we don't get very many cancellations, so don't count on this as a way to get your lessons scheduled.

I'm worried I won't get my three lessons in!

We realize it is stressful trying to fit in the Behind the Wheel Lessons, and we do our best to make sure everyone gets them completed on time. We do need you to be proactive in this process as well, so that everything can run smoothly, and students can get the most out of their training with an instructor.

If you plan ahead, you will easily get them in.  If you are looking each Sunday and are having no luck getting the lesson time you need, email us and we will try to help.

If you waited too long, and are panicking that you have a test scheduled and one more lesson to get in and the lessons fill up quickly and you always miss them on Sundays, you can email us to discuss.  

However, if you email us that you have a test in a week and have no lessons scheduled, it is unlikely we will be able to make that work for you, but you can email us and we can work on a plan that will get your lessons in as soon as possible.

FAQ - Behind the Wheel Lessons - continued


What do I need to bring?

 For Behind the Wheel Lessons - bring payment of $100 cash or check made to Northland Driving School, as well as your permit to each lesson. You will be driving in the Northland Driving School vehicle (a red Toyota Rav 4) for your lessons. 

Where will my Behind the Wheel Lessons start and finish?


When you sign up for lessons, you will see a school name indicated. That will be the pick up and drop off location for that lesson. If you have the first lesson of the day, you may email us to arrange to be picked up at home, if it within the pick up area. 

If there is no school listed, we will meet at the office - where classroom was held - unless otherwise arranged via email.

I can't find Julie! Where is she?

Julie will be waiting in the parking lot at the school that was listed when you signed up for a lesson.  She is in a Red Toyota Rav 4. 

If she is picking up at your home or work, watch for her Red Toyota Rav 4.

If you are in the right place, it is time for your lesson, and you still don't see Julie - don't panic.  Remember, she is driving (maybe with another student!) in Duluth and sometimes it may take longer than she expected to get to your location for whatever reason.  Give her 5 minutes or so and she will come.  If you are really worried after waiting a few minutes, you can call or text to ask where she is.

Other information


What is the best way to contact Northland Driving School?

The best way to contact us is email

We can also be reached by phone at 218-221-6698. You may have to leave a voicemail, as we are not always able to answer, but we will return all voicemail messages.  You can also text that number.